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Jan Kath - The Book, Coffee Table Book, A journey into the World of Rugs by Jan Kath

Jan Kath - The Book, Coffee Table Book, A journey into the World of Rugs by Jan Kath

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Jan Kath - The Book, Coffee Table Book, A journey into the World of Rugs by Jan Kath


  • 522 pages, 21 x 29 x 4 cm, approx. 2180g
  • Textile cover with embossing
  • A curated selection of various high-quality papers
  • Different printing techniques such as offset printing and screen printing
  • Use of QR codes to keep the book up to date and to create a bridge to film and animation
  • Approx. 480 pictures from photographers around the world


At the end of a road trip through India and Nepal, Jan Kath began the journey of his life. While on the streets of Kathmandu, the young man in his early twenties coincidentally met an old friend of his father. This encounter connected the young traveler with his deep family roots, back to the world of carpets. 

Today, Jan Kath is one of the internationally most renowned designers of hand-knotted carpets. His creations are influential in style and are considered to be the "antiques of tomorrow."

The 522-page opulent coffee table book titled "Jan Kath - The Book" now delves into this extraordinary success story. It showcases more than 30 collections spanning over 25 years, offering insights into Jan Kath's creative processes and revealing his sources of inspiration.

Yet what would be the greatest creative achievement without the craftsmanship of the weavers? Photographer Santosh Chhantyal spent many months documenting the process of creating a carpet with his camera. This resulted in stunning images of remote mountain villages in the Himalayas where raw materials like Highland wool and Nepalese nettle are obtained and manually processed. Additionally, the photos capture how Jan Kath's designs are painstakingly translated into textiles, knot by knot, in the manufacturing facilities in Nepal and then meticulously refined before finding their new homes in the most beautiful interiors around the world.

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